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The G.O.L.D. Standard of Sisterhood

There are four (4) overall platform pillars that outline and define The G.O.L.D. Standard of Sisterhood. Should you entrust me to serve as your next Syntaktes, I look forward to us working alongside one another to execute this vision while always living out the words of being “My Sister’s Keeper.” 

  • Focus on the 4 Rs (Recruitment, Reclamation, Retention & Relationships).

  • Foster growth and sustainability by strengthening our pipelines of Undergraduates to Graduates, Rhoers to Sorors, Philos to Sorors, and Regional Undergraduate engagement.

  • Model intentional mentorship to aid Sorors in the ways and expectations of a well-rounded Soror.

  • Leverage and maximize on the gifts and expertise of our members, while offering a Sorority experience that caters to the whole Sigma Woman. 

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